Surrender to the calling of bliss and add some essential treats to your main therapy. These treatments are not offered à la carte.

Treatment Description Mins Price

Aromatic Steam Enhancer

Unwind and rebalance in the privacy of your own eucalyptus steam room. Calm the mind, relax the muscles and open the pores in preparation of your treatment.




$35 - 1 person

$30 each - 2 people

$25 each - 3 or more

$60 - 1 person

$55 each - 2 people

$50 each - 3 or more

Bathing Rituals

A beautifully sensual bathing experience in a

private colour therapy Japanese plunge tub.

Combining herbal synergies to promote relaxation

and compliment your treatment.

$45 - 1 person
$65 - 2 people

$60 - 1 person
$80 - 2 people
Hot Towel Hair Treatment and Scalp Massage

A combination of warmth, massage and a special

milk protein to restore hydration on a dry scalp, this treatment will lay your thoughts to rest, ease tension headaches and leave you in perfect harmony. A

perfect enhancer to any massage, body or face ritual.

15 $35
Hot Stone Back Massage

Encourage a state of deep relaxation and mental

and emotional harmony. Stones are bathed in warm anointed water, and used to smoothly glide over the back muscles, the ultimate beginning to any treatment.

15 $32
Back Cleanse, Exfoliation and Massage

Float away on a sensory journey as a warm skin

nourishing milk is luxuriously massaged to cleanse

and soothe. An exfoliation follows to invigorate,

revitalise and remove dead skin cells, while heated aromatic lime compresses purify and stimulate the

senses. A wonderfully comforting way to begin your

journey with us.

15 $32
Foot Bath, Exfoliation and Massage

Focusing on the lower legs and feet, slip deeper into relaxation while your feet are soaked in a skin

nourishing milk bath, massaged to ease tension and exfoliated with invigorating exotic lime and ginger to remove dry dead skin cells. this grounding treatment

is the perfect beginning to any treatment ritual.

15 $32
Batu Stone Foot Massage

Evoking an aura of warmth, whilst the deep

penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage

the feet and lower calf using traditional techniques to ease the pain and tension of aching muscles as well as deeply relaxing and balancing the mind and body.

15 $32
Hydra-Gel Eye Treatment and Massage

This clinically proven eye treatment is formulated to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*, provides a skin tightening effect, whilst hyaluronic acid hydrates the fragile eye area. Eye contours are left looking visibly smoother and feeling intensely moisturised. Results can be seen for up to 6 hours.

15 $32
Face and Decolletage Massage This luxurious massage is an excellent way to relax and release tension and stress. It is also beneficial for tired, stressed and slack skin and will activate skin cells, reduce toxic substances and prepare the skin for better absorption of cosmetics. 15 $32