Buddha Bum Soy Candles

Small Ceramic Soy Candle (Approx 30hrs Burning Time)




Life is like a candle... and a dream

must give it flame'. (-Rush)

Large Ceramic Soy Candle (Approx 70hrs Burning Time)



creme brulee

Warm vanilla custard with the sweetness of caramelised sugar.

Thank you for choosing “soy”.
Did you know...?

• Buddha Bum® soycandles use only the highest
quality soy wax, which is hydrogenated
soybean oil, enhanced with botanical oils.
• Soy wax is eco-friendly and biodegradable.
• Soy is grown free from pesticides, herbicides
and contains no Genetically Modified Material.
• Buddha Bum® soycandles contain no paraffin
(a by-product of diesel fuel refining).
• Soy burns with 95% less carbon than paraffin,
making it cleaner burning.
• Buddha Bum® soycandles contain no palm

Native rain forests are destroyed in the
production of soy.
• Soy is grown and farmed from an ecorenewable
• Soy candles are one of the longest burning
candles...they burn up to 50% longer than
some other wax types making them better
• Buddha Bum® soycandles contain no
unnecessary chemical additives, UV light
reflectors or chemical wax stabilizers, to
“whiten” the wax. Thus the varying shades
of Buddha Bum® soycandles are a natural
reflection of the fragrance oils used.



Burning instructions...

• Soy candles can be very fragrant when burned
in appropriate conditions as well as an
appropriate size room.
• It is important to burn your Buddha Bum® soy
candle until it is melted completely across the
top (a full melt pool) to establish its memory.
This will prevent your candle from tunnelling
down the centre and will ensure a good scent
• Minimum burn time should be until a full melt
pool develops.
• Maximum burn time of 3hrs per use. If
burning for extended periods extinguish the
flame and allow to cool. Trim the wick to 7mm
and then relight.


Like a freshly brewed coffee…one sugar please!


A refreshingly clean fragrance. Thai inspired fleshly cut lemongrass.


melon crush

Combines the freshness of sliced honeydew melon with a warm base of Mediterranean fig.


sweet vanilla

An all-time favourite. Sweet buttery classic vanilla…spoon please!


strawberries & cream

Deliciously ripened strawberries blended with sweetened whipped cream.



Strong tart pomegranate sweetened with a hint of mango.